Can I Get a Free Lie Detector Test?


Some people can tell when others are lying and some cannot. For those who cannot, they can use a lie detector (polygraph) machine. Can I get a free lie detector test?

Reasons for Test

Most judges have the ability to tell whether a witness is lying or telling the truth. It helps them discover the facts of a case. It also might impact their decisions during court trials.

For others, they might want to use a polygraph test to discover the truth. You could use the lie detector test for family members, while you are writing a will. You might want to gather some valuable information to decide who to add or remove. A voluntary lie detector test would be a great way to do so.

There is something called the “court of public opinion.” For better or worse, the public will form their own opinion on a topic, irrespective of the facts. Therefore, an individual might want to exonerate himself by taking a lie detector test.

He can prove or disprove facts scientifically. He can prove his innocence and re-gain his good reputation, even though many believe he is guilty. During negotiations, you will want to know whether someone is lying or telling the truth.

Reveal Liars

In most states, lie detector tests can only be given voluntarily. You cannot force someone to take a lie detector test against his will. This might be covered under the 5th Amendment – rights against self-incrimination.

Background Check

A lie detector test might be useful during a background check. A polygraph machine could be used for risk management. It might be particularly useful during high-level negotiations with CEOs.

One key problem with a lie detector test is that it can be beaten. The whole concept behind the machine is that people will perspire more while telling a lie. Therefore, easy questions will be asked first to create a baseline.

Scientists believe that if you perspire more during the later questions, then you are lying. Of course, some people can beat lie detector tests. For example, politicians have very good control over their bodies.

Being Pro-Active

You can find lie detector software online. The problem with asking someone to take a lie detector test is that it might suggest that you don’t trust the individual. You might also want to hire a professional who knows how to conduct the test.

There is a voice test too, which works on the premise that someone’s voice modulation will change while lying.

You might not be able to get a free lie detector test, but you can find one that you can buy online or offline. Unfortunately, they might be very expensive and you should probably hire a professional to conduct it.